For The Digital GenerationAnand has brought Emerson and his transcendent philosophy to life.

Never before have youth had so much potential for greatness while at the same time carrying the biggest capacity to be miserable. The world is in a period of exponential growth but also a period of tremendous unhappiness. The people most affected are our youth who live in a constant stream of stress. 94% of youth admit to feeling overwhelmed in their lives. The average teen is so listless that he spends nine hours a day on social media. 20% of youth admit to feeling depressed and seriously considering suicide. There have been many initiatives to solve these problems and many more but there seems to be little change. No one has written a book for youth on how to stave off these problems and attain their true potential. At last, such a book has been written by a youth for youth.

In Emerson For The Digital Generation: Secrets Of Unparalleled Success and Happiness From The Wisdom Of Ralph Waldo Emerson, author Anand Satheesh presents to youth the secrets of greatness and fulfillment as seen through the eyes of Ralph Waldo Emerson, one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived. With penetrating insights and examples, Anand presents ten of Emerson’s greatest essays in the context of the modern world while retaining their eternal wisdom. The essays in this book such as Self Reliance and Compensation are among the greatest writings of any age. These contemporary commentaries on Emerson’s essays show youth the secrets of self-reliance, prudence, friendship and character; principles that will make their lives truly extraordinary.

This book will teach you nothing new, because you already have all the capacities for greatness inside you. All that the book teaches you, is this- Greatness is a choice available to every single one of us. There is a choice that we have to make as individuals. Do we want to follow the well-beaten path or take the road less travelled? Do you want a good life or do you want a great life, one filled with unparalleled success and happiness? Are you willing to simple live adequately or are you hungry for greatness?

In “Emerson For The Digital Generation”, you will learn 10 secrets of greatness as they were seen by one of the greatest thinkers of all time, Ralph Waldo Emerson, which will allow you to take that choice of greatness for yourself. Emerson was an all time great thinker and he understood the secrets of success and happiness like few before and after him. He once said, “I have only one doctrine, the infinitude of the private man.” In our fast changing and hyper competitive world, we need to learn how to unleash the boundless potential within everyone of us.

By reading this book, you will gain greater understanding over these principles, which are essential to creating greatness and change in your life:

  • Self Reliance
  • Compensation
  • Spiritual Laws
  • Friendship
  • Prudence
  • The Over Soul
  • Intellect
  • Character
  • Manners
  • Nature

However, when you buy the book, you are doing much more than just buying a book; you are joining a mission to create a consciousness revolution in the world. William Shakespeare once said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” I want to show the world that, “All are born great, all can achieve greatness, and all can thrust greatness upon themselves.” The mission is to show the world that greatness is not a privilege of the few, but the birthright of every single one of us.

We are living in a hyper connected and hyper competitive world. The doctrines of yesterday are meaningless in the face of the digital revolution. What is needed is a deep rooting in principle and a decision to reject societal dogma and embrace greatness. Through this book and all my future writings, I aim to create awareness about this choice of greatness to the entire world.

The first milestone for this mission is to reach one million people by December 2017. By buying this book, you are helping us reach this milestone and ushering in a consciousness revolution, where every single person is a specimen of unparalleled success and happiness.

Anand Satheesh

Emerson For The Digital Generation: Secrets Of Unparalleled Success and Happiness From The Wisdom Of Ralph Waldo Emerson is a result of Anand Satheesh’s unique background. Born to a father deeply interested in creativity and success, he has grown up around thousands of books on personal transformation and leadership. His discussions with his father on the nature of success, life and human potential give him a unique sense of the solutions to the massive problems facing our world. His writings have gained praise from world renowned professors and leadership thinkers such as Prof. Tal Ben Shahar, the creator of the world renowned positive psychology course at Harvard University, Dr Marshall Goldsmith, a recipient of the world’s #1 leadership thinker award and many more.

Anand’s articles have huge popularity on sites such as LinkedIn. He writes regularly about issues relating to human potential and personal transformation in the context of youth in the modern world. His posts are very popular on sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. One of his articles about Zappos.com’s move to Holacracy, a new management style, was distributed in the Zappos office among their employees. Anand believes that today’s youth have the most potential for greatness but are also presented with a host of distractions and pressures that could stunt their growth and happiness.

He aims to help all youth reach their true potential through his writings on personal transformation and human potential. Anand is a grade 9 student living in Ottawa with his parents and brother. He is one of the main yearbook editors at his school, a committed school band member and an ardent badminton player.

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