By Anand Satheesh

02 Aug 2017

The Strange Case of The Cranky Young Teenager - Part 1

People often think of the senior citizens in our society as the ones who should be being cranky about everything, while the youth should be the ones who are much more carefree. We expect the older people to be the ones who feel weary with life, while the youth should ...

By Anand Satheesh

18 Jul 2017

The True Role of Education

In a study of 1500 classrooms across the US, it was found that only 15% of the classrooms visited kept more than half of their students engaged in the process of learning. Over 90% of students reported feeling overwhelmed, or highly stressed, by all the things that were in their ...

By Anand Satheesh

10 May 2017

The Force of Greatness

Throughout history, there have been people who seem to rise above the rest through their creations, innovations and performances. They brave all manner of criticism and failure for their work, even situations where others would have given up and fallen into despair.

They come from all different backgrounds, races, genders ...